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December 27, 2010


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I can do many things in SAI. Pen lineart, marker lineart, and lineless. Cell sheading,  watercolor shading, brush shading, and cell softened by the watercolor brush. I can also mix a bunch of things.

Here are some examples:
Brush- DON'T JUST STAND THERE by yoshitaka Chronos by yoshitaka Reshiram used Blue Flame by yoshitaka $10-$20USD
Watercolor- New Leafeon by yoshitaka Hoppip by yoshitaka What a monkey by yoshitaka $10-$20USD
Cell- Happy Halloween 2009 by yoshitaka Fringed- Raichu and Luxray request by yoshitaka Jolteon for FlashFire44 by yoshitaka $5-$10USD
Cell softened by Watercolor- Ascendra on the sands by yoshitaka $10-$25USD
"Painted"- Porygon-Z speedpaint by yoshitaka Shiny Cherubi speedpaint by yoshitaka $15-$25USD
A mixture of Watercolor, Brush, and Blur- Request for SSGuy by yoshitaka $15-$25USD
Lined with the Marker- Yoshi Run by yoshitaka Ascendra on the sands by yoshitaka Just ask if you like this more than the pen


I usually just stick to the Watercolor brush in Corel when it comes to shading unless it's cell shading.

Here are some examples:
Watercolor plain painted background- Rin and Fire-Wing by yoshitaka Klea by yoshitaka Minda by yoshitaka Fire-Wing by yoshitaka $10-$20USD
Watercolor with painted background- Sallia by yoshitaka Fly by yoshitaka Of the North Wind by yoshitaka (I'm sure I can do better now with the backgrounds, I've been practicing a lot)$15-$25USD
Watercolor sky background- 4 Gods by yoshitaka $10-$15USD
Negative painting(starting with dark colors and going lighter)- Painted Lugia by yoshitaka Neo by yoshitaka $10USD
Cell shaded- Windwaker Link by yoshitaka $5-$10USD
"Painted"(all done on one layer and can take a good while)Lord of Games by yoshitaka Waiting out the storm by yoshitaka $20-30USD
I can do the lineart in Corel or SAI. Let me know what you want.


Extra characters can range from $2-$5USD. Pokemon most likely being $2USD and humans/ human like characters being $5USD.

I will draw:
Pokemon, Sonic characters, shoujo-ai, shounen-ai, fanart, animals, original characters, dragons, fancharacters, furries/anthro, and other stuff I can't think of.

I will draw the sketch and show it to you and if you don't like it or would like some changes, I will re-sketch or change it. If you want the finished picture posted up here on dA, I will post, but if not, I won't. I will send the image to you in a psd file or png if you don't have anything that can open a psd file. Note me with what your commission is and I will give you my e-mail for paypal. I will only accept money through paypal. I will not send you the finished picture until I have received the full payment from you.
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xmizuwaterx Aug 10, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
what is a paypal :?
UMSAuthorLava Aug 7, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Say, I got a job for ya, if you got the time.

Sending note soon...
so i can't hand you 20 dollars and say "have fun" and drive back home? :(
Of course you can. You do live near by after all XD
how much would a Zelda with black hair cost me, i'm kinda tight of money right now. taking the little sis out of six flags on Wednesday but after that i should have money
It all depends on the shading style really. Choose one and it will determine the price. But if it's the $10-$20 ones, it's more likely be $20 because Zelda's got some detailed stuff. But then again, it also depends on which version of Zelda it is. Twilight Princess Zelda is so detailed (the one they use in Brawl) while Windwaker Zelda isn't.
ShadowFox777 May 27, 2010   General Artist
Wow, you sure do a lot of pokemon stuff. Not that it's a bad thing at all. This also shows how really diverse your style is.
But as I said up in there, I will do other fanart, OCs, really anything XD
ShadowFox777 May 28, 2010   General Artist
And you're skilled at doing that to. :)
Ohhh....commissions!! I wish I can get one, but I don't have a paypal DX. But IF I did have a paypal, I'd order a togepi and I'd test you to see if you can draw one of me and ~Temari-Chi's OC...
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